The Best Day?

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

We all have those days. You know, the ones that just don’t go right no matter what you do and you get so bogged down in wrong and focused on bad and everything is awful and you feel so full of despair… Like the day when you put your child in her car seat, take off down the road to the grocery store and are pulling into the parking lot and your sister calls you frantically explaining that you prized tablet is on the trunk of your car unwillingly along for  the ride… So you take a deep breath, swallow those naughty words, and slowly stop your car to rescue your tablet when you suddenly remember…your husband’s new cell phone was with the tablet…but not anymore. And we had just both of us FINALLY gotten working phones. The best day?! Yeah. Right.

Or there is the day when you are trying to get something done because you are going crazy from boredom because the cleaning job you were supposed to do didn’t work out and you want to do homework (yes I know it’s weird I LIKE to do homework), or make your child a nightgown because she has none and it would be fun. So you say to yourself, what they heck. I’m just gonna do it. But you sew the right side to the wrong side and have to take it all apart, meanwhile your one year old is saying “mum” in two hundred different tones of voice and then decided to try to crawl up your leg and you tell her she’s not a monkey to which she replied “hoo hoo hoo hahaha hoo” and you say you don’t need to sound like a monkey either as you are trying to now sew both right sides together so that your entire morning spent on this sewing project isn’t for nothing. The best day? Hardly. I mean, I didn’t accomplish anything. Who feels good about that? And I was annoyed the whole time which is…even more annoying. Image

It’s days like these that I need to remember the wise words of Emerson. While emotion is not housed in the heart perhaps decision is. And if I decide to write it on my heart that despite all the…not so good things that occur every day I will chose to realize the day as being the BEST day, I think that just maybe it WILL be the best day. This is basically a self-fulfilling prophecy, which in the world of psychology and education is described as ideas that become reality simply because someone believes them. They can be a very powerful thing. And thought I’m not sure that you can technically impose a self-fulfilling prophecy on yourself, I would say it’s worth a try! My guess is that if you choose to take Emerson’s advice and write it upon your heart to realize each day as the BEST day your eyes will be opened to so much more than the…not so good things.

Like, when you find  your daughter sitting on the couch having a conversation with her stuffed monkey her aunt gave her. Image

Or when you are trying to read your textbook and your daughter climbs into your lap, grabs the tablet and starts posing for pictures with you. So you both start making funny faces, to which your husband walks in the door from work and is surprised with hilarious looking mother and daughter.


Or when you find your one year old daughter hiding in the pantry with her favorite crochet blanket over her head, peeking around the corner laughing at you, and quickly hiding again every time you call her name.


Yes, I believe that Emerson is correct. Go ahead and try. Write upon your heart that every day is the BEST day…then wait and see the moments that your eyes are opened to.


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