I Believe HE is Peace

“He that always gives way to others will end in having no principles of his own. ” 
― Aesop

“A man far oftener appears to have a decided character from persistently following his temperament than from persistently following his principles.” 
― Friedrich NietzscheHuman, All Too Human


Last week, around this time, I was packing up my hopsital bags and loading our newborn son into his carseat. Two weeks into my latest college course, a two year old waiting at home, a newborn, and the warm spring air making my anxious to get outside…nothing could have prepared me for the past week. I don’t do well with change as it is, and who can really have any expectations when it comes to newborns? They are so unpredictable…which makes me more anxious. On top of it all Ellie and I have had a lingering cold and cough, which really has just made the both of us miserable and irritable. And then Baby Brother started his fantastic projectile spit up. And I don’t mean just a little bit of spit up, it was nearly enough to fill a bathroom size dixie cup. As Ellie say, ‘that’s yucky.” The whole spit up thing was totally new for us; Ellie never spit up and never needed to be burped. She was pretty much an angelic child; which was great because if she wasn’t I would NEVER have had another one. Well, the freaky spit up thing turned into Baby Brother losing eleven ounces in three days. Yikes! It’s not a good feeling when an already tiny baby is losing weight he can’t really afford to lose and then is spitting up the stuff that should be helping him gain weight. So yeah, it’s been a crazy week. On the phone with doctors, trying to figure out what’s gonna work for him, helping a two year old adjust to having another little person around, DYING to get outside because it’s finally nice out but being too sore to move…yep. Not exactly my “happy version” of life. But the good news is, Baby Brother is here and I’m not pregnant anymore.
Kreade Aksel aka “Baby Brother”. While it may not be a common or conventional name it holds so much meaning and serves as a reminder of some important themes. Kreade means “a guiding principle or belief’ and Aksel means “peace; the Father is peace”. I hope and pray that the meaning behind his name serves as a reminder of the important things in life, and the fact that our peace is found not in and of ourselves, but only in the God the Father. And in a world that tends to compromise principles and form shaky beliefs I pray that he chooses to be guided by the only belief that matters: belief in Jesus as the one and only being capable of saving us from and forgiving our sins. 
Because what else matters? We can have principles galore, but if they are not founded in something that matters, that is real and true, are they really principles? A creed gives us guidance and helps to focus our lives. The Bible is full of them, and they really are so inspiring. 
1 Cor. 8:6:      yet for us there is one God, the Father,
                 from whom are all things and for whom we
                 exist, and one Lord, Jesus Christ, through
                 whom are all things and through whom we
Deut. 6:4:       Hear O Israel, the LORD is our God, the LORD

Matt. 28:19: Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
These are the principles on which my life is founded. And it is my greatest prayer that both Ellie and Kreade grow to live their lives in accordance with these principles and beliefs as well. There is no greater purpose in life than to know and love God, to choose to live as He would have us live, and to be guided by Him in all that we say and do. It is my hope that Baby Brother’s name serves as a reminder for me, and someday him, of just how important it is to be guided by Godly principles and to place belief in Him. 
And these guiding principles and beliefs remind us of who God is. I believe that He is peace. This has been such a theme in my life during the past year. In the midst of all of the craziness of life, the doubt, the unknown, the decisions, I have come to understand that we cannot bring ourselves to a place of peace. It is not a physical state of being: there may never be a time when everything is perfect, happy, and “peaceful”. The world offers an illusion of peace as being achieved through doing and having. Yet this couldn’t be further from the truth. There is only one source of true and lasting peace, and that is through the Father alone. This peace is found in a state of mind and in a heart that trusts in beliefs that guide and shape. It is sustained throughout difficult situations, throughout trial and triumph because it is provided by the eternal source of peace. 
I pray that Kreade places his trust in the One true God who alone can provide for him this peace. I pray the same for Ellie, and find comfort in knowing however God chooses to use their lives He will also provide peace whatever the circumstances. 
So here we are. One crazy week later. With a greater appreciation for the Father of peace who has sustained us through this transition, and who will continue to sustain, and a rekindled desire to build our lives upon His principles. 
And so, Ellie and Kreade…while your names may not be common they are filled with meaning. I hope that you come to fully realize these meanings personally and to allow them to inspire your life.